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We help scaling eCommerce brands and retailers launch sexy products that sell out, fast.

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Our Consumer Product Design Services

Our consumer product designers merge artistry with engineering excellence.

From wearable product designs to consumer technology, we’ll help you launch a trendy new product with a strong product-market fit. From the moment you share your idea until we receive your first production run, we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Research & Concept Design
  • Product Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing

Our Consumer Projects

Good design is felt, not spoken. It’s aesthetic yet functional. And it sells out fast.

We’re in the business of bringing innovative consumer products to life no matter if this is your very first product or your 100th. Browse our portfolio of past projects below.

With Paraform by your side, you’ll have everything you need to start making your idea a reality.

Consumer, Environmental, Manufacturing, Product Design, Prototyping

Our End-to-End Process

There are far too many consumer products on the market that fail to achieve product-market fit and end up draining funds and resources.

Our consumer product designs never rush through the research and development phase for this reason. We offer a holistic service that ensures all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

If we discover your product idea is not feasible in its current design form or difficult to manufacture, we’ll let you know well before you sink any more money into your project!

That’s how we’ve helped countless brands launch exciting new products that sell out fast. Let’s help make yours the next success story.


Free Discovery Session

We detail the scope of your project and see what’s needed to go from an idea through to production.


Concept Development

We’ll research your product and provide you with a feasible design plan that overcomes key challenges.


Product Design

Using 3D modelling technology, bring your initial designs to life. We design for simplicity, elegance, quality and feasibility.


Prototyping & Testing

We work closely with manufacturers to rapidly develop the first working prototypes of your product.



We’ll collaborate with your manufacturer of choice to produce the first production run of your product.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Let’s bring your product to market

Valued at over $500

Our Consumer Product Design Case Studies

SEAVU Explorer

A revolutionary platform bringing cutting-edge underwater videography within everyone’s reach.

The SEAVU Explorer is the first product that makes underwater live-viewing and videography from a boat truly accessible to consumer markets.

Designed for a wide range of use cases, from boating and fishing to research and documentary filmmaking, it enables users to connect with the mysteries of the deep from the comfort of their boat.

Why Choose Us?

  • Work with our directors

    By choosing Paraform, you can rest assured knowing our knowledgeable directors are overseeing your project from start to finish.

  • Reduce defects

    By taking the time to test the nuts and bolts properly, we can assure you of a higher-quality product that’s well-crafted and unparalleled.

  • Nimble processes

    We’re a lean product engineering team based in Melbourne, and we pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently at every stage.

  • End-to-end services

    No matter what stage your product idea has reached, we can help you bring a new product to market from the ground up, pronto.

Types of Consumer Products We Design

Wearable Product Design

Wearable gadgets have become a trend that’s not going away. If you have a concept for a new consumer wearable product, we can help bring the idea to life.

Consumer Electronics

From handheld devices to baby scales with electronics and the “internet of things” reaching homes far and wide, if you’re after product design for consumer electronics, we’re the firm for you.

Eco-Friendly Consumer Products

Sustainable products are our specialty. We can design anything from eco-friendly knitting needles to water-saving shower heads and recyclable drink bottles. Let’s make our planet smile together.

Specialist and Hobbyist Products

Do you have an idea for an innovative product that would make an impact in the lives of hobbyists or specialists in a particular field? Let’s chat! We can help you revolutionise your industry in the same way Seavu’s underwater fishing camera has.

Why Our Clients Love Working With Us

Let’s bring your product to market