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What we discuss in your free discovery session

  • Your product idea

    Got an innovative idea for a product you’d like to bring to market? You’ll get to share all the juicy details with our team, and we can help you determine its feasibility

  • From concept to production

    Bringing a product to market is no easy feat! Together, we’ll uncover all the necessary steps so that you can walk away with a roadmap for how to go from idea to production like a pro.

  • The ideal market

    Every great product is aimed at a specific, interested market. We’ll get to work uncovering the ideal market for your product to ensure your success post-launch.

  • Project costs

    While product design costs vary from project to project, it generally costs over $20,000. In our consultation, we’ll share our expert tips on how your project can be as cost-effective as possible.

Book your free discovery session valued at over $500

    What You’ll Walk Away With

    Our discovery session is a collaborative effort that fuses your idea with our expertise and knowledge. We will ask you a series of questions to help unpack your idea.

    You’ll walk away with:

    • A clear understanding of your idea’s feasibility
    • A step-by-step blueprint for creating your market-ready product

    Are you itching to bring your product to market, pronto?

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    With over 30 years of combined experience, we have developed dozens of product ideas and helped bring innovative new products to market. We’re experts at fusing art and precision engineering

    Book your free 30-minute discovery session valued at over $500

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