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A revolutionary platform bringing cutting-edge underwater videography within everyone’s reach.

The SEAVU Explorer is the first product that makes underwater live-viewing and videography from a boat truly accessible to consumer markets.

Designed for a wide range of use cases, from boating and fishing to research and documentary filmmaking, it enables users to connect with the mysteries of the deep from the comfort of their boat.

Services delivered

  • Concept Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Engineering
  • 3D rendering
  • Prototyping
  • Environmental Testing
  • Manufacturing & Sourcing

Project goals

SEAVU’s main goals were to fill a gap in the market for underwater and fishing camera technology while also making it more accessible to consumers.

  • Bring cutting-edge underwater videography within everyone’s reach.
  • Provide a more cost-effective platform for consumers.
  • Allow users to connect their existing devices for underwater filming (even if they aren’t inherently waterproof).
  • Support deeper underwater exploration.
  • Adapt to a diverse range of use cases and industries (fishing, marine research, documentary making).


  • IP68 waterproof case.
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Also compatible with any off-the-shelf action camera like GoPro, Insta360 and DJI.
  • Supports depths up to 50 metres.
  • Passive WiFi Extension Antenna for live streaming up to 27 meters underwater.
  • Real-time filming and monitoring capabilities.
  • Modular accessory clips that enhance versatility and adaptability for various use cases.

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About the project

Concept Development

Our concept development for the SEAVU Explorer prioritised accessibility, versatility, and sustainability.
We also worked with the SEAVU team to conduct extensive research and consult with a number of global-level pro-fishers and subject matter experts in the fields of underwater videography, boating, and marine research over 2 years.

As we explored the conceptual elements of the product’s design, we considered a range of materials and technologies, iterating and testing our design continually to ensure maximum usability and durability.

Market Fit

Achieving product-market fit was a vital part of our process to ensure the final product would fulfil specific user needs in the best ways possible. We designed the SEAVU Explorer with user experience in mind every step of the way. From the visual look and feel to the details of the platform’s functionality, every decision we made reflected the needs of SEAVU’s user base.

That’s how SEAVU set the benchmark and redefined the future of underwater videography. They’re now in the perfect position to disrupt consumer markets all over the world.

Being priced significantly less than competitors, while providing compatibility with popular tech, it directly addresses the industry’s pain points, offering an innovative solution poised to revolutionise the market.


With the core concept and product design mapped out, the next step in the project was to create rapid prototypes. Our prototyping process involves rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure the product meets all the demands of stakeholders and consumers.

We used in-house FDM and resin printers to rapidly test fitments. When the product was ready to test in the field, we upscaled the prototyped using high-level CNC moulds fit for rigorous real-world tests.

We improved the design in iterations to ensure optimal durability and usability. We also meticulously tested the product’s core features including the waterproof case and modular accessory clips, guaranteeing the product’s longevity and adaptability to varied user needs.


The SEAVU Explorer’s engineering prowess shines through its fine-tuned details, from the size and shape to the exact materials used. Our engineers merged aesthetics with functionality until they created the product’s perfect form, primed to glide through water effortlessly while equally resistant to the elements and UV exposure.

Our engineers also needed to find an elegant solution to the challenges presented by the modular accessories and clip attachments. By testing a diverse range of designs, we were able to precision-design the ideal clip closures for IP68 lenses.

Each accessory was also meticulously designed to perform optimally and integrate with other accessories, further enhancing the unit’s cost-effectiveness.


Each component of the SEAVU Explorer reflects our thoughtful and sustainable manufacturing decisions.

We worked closely with international manufacturers for material sourcing, offshore manufacturing and Quality Control checks. Our on-the-ground partners in China helped us ensure a smooth process to the very end.

We are very proud to have collaborated with the SEAVU team and brought such an innovative product to market!

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